Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Years of Great West Island Pizza

Fig.1. Hanging out on warmer days sipping espresso.

Fig.2. Pepper and cherry tomato pizza.

Ahh the spicy olive and onion pizza from DelMonaco; just thinking about it evokes a lion size, stomach snarl. This week, DelMonaco Prêt-à-Manger celebrated its third year in operation. Three years of great pizza (DelMonaco’s pizzas are of the square variety much like you would find in pastry shops all over Italy.) three years of arancini, three years of meatballs, three years of pasta sauces, I could go on and on.
DelMonaco is also a great example of good frozen food. In Italian households, if our grandmothers made too much lasagna they froze it for another day, and that’s exactly what DelMonaco does, only, they make too much of a lot of things and freeze it all, all you have to do is throw it in the oven.
Congratulation guys on three years, the accolades are well deserved and your hard work is appreciated, and, for those out there who have yet to give DelMonaco a try, did I mention the spicy olive and onion pizza? It might be a good idea to order ahead.

If you want to know more about DelMonaco and the people in the kitchen click here.

Fig.3. The classic tomato pizza right out of the oven, without a doubt the best way to eat it.

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Tosh said...

thank you Sandro for this one. We need more like this!! :)