Friday, May 18, 2012

We All Want To Change The World: One Veg at a Time

This Saturday, May 19th is Food Revolution Day, a day in which Jamie Oliver wants us all to reflect and examine the foods we eat.  (To read more about it, click here.)  There are quite a few events marking Food Revolution Day in the city; Bon Appetite Books is making boxed lunches today and having a good old bake sale tomorrow. Also, a ‘Food’ indoor market will take place in Espace Reunion which will see a number of chefs and food producers displaying ‘Real Food’.
It’s a noble cause in which Jamie Oliver and his foundation are looking to raise money to help feed school kids in a proper and healthy manner.  If you can’t make it to any of the events, donate if you can.
It's Spring and produce beigins to grow, so let’s begin the year, in the spirit of Food Revolution Day, by respecting our fruits and vegetables; go to a market (both The Jean Talon Market and The Atwater Market are in full swing) pick up some local Quebec asparagus, and bite into it raw. Buy some fresh herbs or lettuce and plant something; get your hands dirty!  It’s time to make a connection with what makes us healthy.