Thursday, July 9, 2009


Fig.1. These vegetables were done with a little balsamic vinegar, olive oil,
chopped garlic and ginger, and salt and pepper. Let any marinade
drain from the vegetable pieces before putting them on the grill to
prevent any flare-ups.

In keeping with grilling, let’s talk about vegetables. A visit to the Jean Talon Market yesterday was just the inspiration I needed. Picked up some white radishes, garlic flowers and some yellow zucchini and eggplant which I planned to grill.
The biggest mistake people seem to make when they grill vegetables such as zucchini is that they are sliced too thin; your vegetables should be no smaller than a ¼”, a thicker cut will allow for proper substance, texture and taste.
I also like to lightly score my sliced vegetables which allow whatever flavours you wish to add to properly permeate your veg. And when it comes to grilling sliced vegetables, the rule is hot and fast. It’s nice to be able to recognize what’s on your plate. A few weeks ago I was served grilled red peppers and eggplant that had been rendered mushy and unrecognizable, and, being the model guest that I am, looked into the eyes of my host, lied and said they were good. Well, no more! From now on, when an injustice is done to any food or dish, I’ll imagine that I’m talking to my wife and be brutally honest.

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