Saturday, March 29, 2008

Packaging Sells Salami


I picked up this salami mainly because of its packaging. The label reads "Made by hand with love." Anyone who knows me will tell you that making things with love is the only way to do something; especially when it comes to food. The salami is named, "Rosette de Lyon" which I guess makes it French, which means that I should be referring to it as a saucisson and not a salami, but since the site is aptly named, "The Hungry Italian" I'll stick to the Italian labeling.

I bought the plain one which I must admit tasted really good. It was salty but not as much as some other store bought sausages I've tasted. The requisite tastes of meat and fat were present, and the cured salami seemed to even melt slightly on the tongue.

The salami-which cost $8.99-also came in other flavours-which I didn't try- such as garlic and parmigiano.

I purchased the salami at a charcuterie in the new Fruiterie 440 location (next to the Laval movie theater-the colossus) which now houses several other food specialty shops. There was a new butcher at the entrance as well as a new cheese shop, and I was thrilled to see we finally have a respectable fresh pasta shop in Laval as well. (More on the pasta place in an upcoming article) This new market goes by the name Marche Gourmand and occupies the former "fly" furniture location.

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